Wednesday Sep 20, 2023

Pona, Hemi Pona.

Episode 42 - Pona... Hemi Pona (Based on a True Story)  

I'm sending this message encrypted in case it's being monitored. The encryption is so complex that it will appear as a normal message. I knew a koroua who thought he was a spy, code name 0013. The whole shebang. He said he was recruited straight out of the bush, a tough and clever Māori kid with no family ties, making him a perfect candidate for the CIA's black ops program. Our response was just "Oh, that's nice, koro." But then one day, he died, and what followed was subtle, designed to go unnoticed. However, being the observant and sharp-eyed individual that I am, or as some might call me, nosy, there were several alarm bells ringing that all was not as it seemed. Let's just say that moments after his death, a high-ranking military officer made contact. And the person who took the message couldn't recall taking the phone call. Tapped wires? Mind wipe? You be the judge. This story will self-destruct in 13 minutes.

T.A. Whero

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