Wednesday Nov 29, 2023

Pukemon (Part Three) - Gotta catch ‘em all

Episode 52 - Pukemon, gotta catch em all, Part Three 

Welcome to the Final Boss battle. Anyone who’s faced the final Boss at the end of a game for the first time knows what happens next. Game over… game over… you get the picture. But for Whero and his son Mikaere, they suspect that "game over" for them will literally mean… game over. The end. They will need to work together, old school and new, if they are to have any chance of making it through what seems to be a game that is within the spirit of Pukemon… evolving. They will need to put all the clues together if they are going to figure this last challenge out. The real question is: who is the antagonist, the baddie? I’ll give you a clue… it's not who you think. Final round. Fight! 

T.A. Whero 

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