Wednesday Nov 22, 2023

Pukemon (Part Two) - Ultra Son

Episode 51 - Pukemon Ultra Son, Part Two 

Mobile games are fun. They can be the perfect release after a hard day's work or even while you're still at work… when the boss is not looking, of course. But what happens when your game comes alive and the little characters in your game crawl out of your phone and start attacking you for real? Is this the latest tech like Virtual Reality or Augmented Reality, simply called “Reality”? The pint-sized Māori Pukemon warriors called Mohoa seemed pretty real after Whero had his car roof redecorated. Then there's the strange greenstone tititourea that materialised after the Mohoa were defeated at the McDonald's drive-through. Their weakness? A Big Mac and fries. BTW, Whero has a major weakness… a Big Mac and fries. So, what or who’s next? Get ready for the next round!

T.A. Whero

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