Wednesday Nov 08, 2023

The Rainbow in the Sky

Episode 49 - The Rainbow in the Sky (Based on a True Story) 

Thirty years ago, I had a strange dream. I didn’t realise it at the time, but I was having a premonition, and I didn’t share it with anybody because I didn’t know that what I was dreaming about was about to come true. But you know how these types of visions go, where the details are cloudy at best. I remember that I was in the pool at my house, underwater, looking up at the house. I could make out the pool steps and thought it was odd that I had all my clothes on. I couldn’t move or swim, nor did I feel the need to. Anyway, a year or so goes by, and I’ve forgotten about the vision, and then tragedy strikes, and only then did I make the connection. I thought the dream was about me, that it was me in the pool. I was wrong. 

T. A. Whero

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