Wednesday Sep 27, 2023

The Rescue

Episode 43 - The Rescue (Based on a True Story) 

A whanaunga of mine once told me a peculiar story from her early days working in the South Island, where she advised trampers about the weather conditions in the local mountains.  One day, she received a warning on her walkie-talkie about a swiftly approaching stor, which curiously wasn't showing up on any other early warning equipment. The mountain was promptly evacuated, much to the chagrin of several trampers who insisted that, according to their reports, the weather forecast was clear.  Sure enough, the storm hit. Had the trampers continued on their journey, they would have found themselves in grave danger, perhaps even losing their lives.  My whanaunga received a commendation for her quick thinking, which she humbly attributed to the man on the radio. However, when she shared the identity of this man with her colleagues, she was met with an unsettling silence. She vividly recalls her boss's response: "No, you must be mistaken... that's not possible."

T. A. Whero

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