Wednesday Aug 23, 2023

The Return of the 3 (Part 1)

Episode 38 - The Return of the Three, Part One (Retelling of an Old Story) 

“The Three” are a bunch of likeable non-bullies who are hot off the back of out-playing the Ririo, “the King of the Elves”, thanks to a scary old kuia, a bunch of stones and a bag of chips. Long story.  Now, a strange mushroom cloud of smoke has appeared from within the heart of the dark forest, not too far from their school. While most would run in the opposite direction, “the fearless three” (or as Hemi, the leader of the gang’s irritating little brother might say “the clueless three”), head towards the smoke cloud.  Little do the boys know, they are jumping out of the frying pan and into the fire. The burning question (and it's hard to put a finger on it) is: who is the old flame smouldering at the heart of the mushroom cloud waiting to set their world on fire? FYI, I just told you who.  

T.A. Whero 

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