Wednesday Oct 18, 2023

Witches (Part Two)

Episode 46 – Witches, Part Two (Based on a True Story) 

When we last left off, three Māori women had been arrested and charged with practicing witchcraft. A formidable armed force is poised to defend the town, while a war party waits for the signal to reclaim the women by force. Standing between the two groups is a koroua who, let's just say, has provoked the soldiers to shoot at him. Big mistake! Shooting him is only going to enrage him further, for this koroua harbours a dark secret he's about to reveal to the soldiers. They're on the verge of learning why one should never cross the Māori. Think you know how this unfolds? Think again! Three witches hanged, right? Yes, but—and there's a significant "but"—listen closely...

T. A. Whero

All rights reserved.

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